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Freedom to Breathe

Learn more about Oxygen Concentrators & reclaim your freedom to breathe!

Both portable and home oxygen concentrators have numerous advantages for those patients needing oxygen therapy.


Oxygen concentrators are much less dangerous than traditional oxygen cylinders, which can cause or increase the combustion rate of a fire, if ruptured or leaking.

Oxygen concentrators, on the other hand, pose no such danger. Home and portable oxygen concentrators that are able to "make"  their own oxygen have become more popular and widely used in recent times.

The other main benefit of oxygen concentrators is the ease and increased ability to be mobile with oxygen. Portable oxygen concentrators provide the necessary oxygen anywhere the user goes, even on airplanes.


The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has ruled that all passengers who require oxygen must be allowed to bring FAA-approved portable oxygen concentrators on all U.S. aircraft with more than 19 seats.

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