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Our Core Values

Our Vision 

Enhancing the quality of life of those we serve

We are committed to making a difference in the lives of caregivers and persons with physical challenges by empowering them to perform everyday activities easily, safely and independently.

Our focus is to establish and maintain a leadership role in the industry by delivering exceptional customer service with offerings of a “wide and wise” selection of best in class,  innovative products and services. We continue to enhance our position as leaders in the market by forging key strategic alliances locally and internationally.

With an unwavering social and corporate commitment to supporting the physically challenged and/or disabled community in Jamaica, we continue to build a legacy that amazes our customers, excites our employees and astonishes our competitors.


Our Story

19 Years & Counting

“Whether a person is recovering from an illness or injury, living with a debilitating disease, or nearing the end of life, Independent Living is here to help.  We call ourselves the “caring store” because we are committed to providing products, services and support for the physically challenged and their caregivers. Our team listens carefully and recommends wisely, ensuring that the goods and services we provide are the best fit for each customer’s needs, lifestyle and home environment. This is our promise to our customers."

Janice Graham, R.N.

CEO/Founder of Independent Living 


We are consistent with our response to others and express discipline in our work, so that results, growth and  success can be achieved.


 We believe truth lies in what we say and do. We honour our promise and agreement to each other and our customers.


We pride ourselves in  treating others with respect, irrespective of our personal differences, beliefs or background.


We strive for excellence and take pride in delivering a superior experience .

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