RECOMMENDED FOR: Moderate to severe varicose veins, moderate foot or ankle swelling.

Graduated compression has been proven effective in the prevention and treatment of venous disorders.

The compression of the hosiery is greatest at the ankle and decreases as it moves up the leg.

Graduated compression helps to improve circulation and valve functioning.

  • Helps reduce fatigue
  • The greatest counter pressure is at the ankle and gradually decreases to the top
  • The bubble-toe assures freedom of movement and a heel pocket provides a good fit and reduces wear
  • Static resistant and lint free  
  • Nylon and Spandex
  • Latex Free


8-15mmHg (Mild): Support for tired, heavy, achy legs


15-20 mmHg (Moderate) Support for mild ankle and leg swelling, mild discomfort, minor spider veins and other conditions as physician recommended.


20 -30 mmHg (FIRM) support for moderate leg and ankle swelling, moderate discomfort, moderate spider and varicose veins and other  conditions as physician recommended.

*The information provided is for general information only and is not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of any conditions or disease. As with any treatment consult with your physician or healthcare provider if you have any questions or to determine if compression is right for you.


Men's Dress Socks Over-The-Calf

  • Wash gently with mild soap or detergent in lukewarm or cold water. Do not wring or twist. Rinse until water is clear. Roll in towel and remove excess moisture. Dry away from heat and sunlight. Hand wash only. No Dryer , No Iron.

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