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     Ankle Foot Orthosis Support - AFO - Drop Foot Support

  • Designed to aid in foot drop that is secondary to CVA or nerve palsy as well as heel cord tightness, and to support the foot in a proper position.
  • Foot Brace: Foot treatment brace is designed to assist ambulation for the patients suffering mild to moderate neurological deficit resulting in drop-foot
  • Anatomical Design: Drop foot boot is fabricated from special formed orthopedic grade thermoplastic which ensures long term durable performance
  • Unisex Brace: foot splint brace can be used by both men and women, providing their feet with maximum comfort and support
  • Comfortable Fit -  inside lace-up shoes to provide static dorsiflexion assistance

** Personal Item. Non-Returnable

Drop Foot Brace UNISEX

SKU: BJ180110

    Men's foot size 10 - 13

    Women's foot size 12 - 14


    Men's foot size  6.5 - 10

    Women's foot size 8 - 11

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