• Deluxe mask designed to provide you with effective sleep therapy every night.
  • A soft silicone contact and frame stabilizers redistribute pressure evenly
  • Greatly increasing the effectiveness of the therapy and reducing the risk of mask leaks.
  • No clunky forehead pad, this mask allows you to perform tasks in bed such as reading and watching television without the mask getting in your way or blocking your view.
  • No forehead pad also means that this mask fits more comfortably allowing you to sleep throughout the night.
  • The included headgear, made of a special breathe-o-prene fabric, is moisture wicking to increase comfort for the duration of the therapy.
  • The mask will fit securely, making your sleep therapy treatment effective throughout the night.



  • The 100FD series of masks conforms comfortably to the user’s face
  •  The ultimate in comfort, the 100FD series maximizes compliance using soft silicone contact with the user’s       face with frame stabilizers to redistribute pressure evenly over a large surface area

ComfortFit Full Face CPAP Mask w/Head Gear

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