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Managing " Leaks " with Confidence for the Active Individual

Disposable Protective Underwear - Pull-Ups

CARTON: 6 Packs =  96 Pieces

  • Hip size: 51"- 67" XLARGE
  • Absorbency: 2400 ml
  • Extra Tall Waistline: Provides extra coverage in both front and rear for added protection and comfort
  • Leakage Protection: Stand-up leak guards and four-strand elastics around legs provide leakage barrier
  • Breathable Cloth-like Exterior: Abena's Air Plus system is waterproof yet breathable to maintain airflow to the skin
  • Quick Absorbing: Unique TopDry System absorbs liquids quickly and keeps surface material dry
  • Made in Denmark.

ABENA PANTS XL3 Protective Underwear XLARGE 96 PCS

SKU: 21330-CRT

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