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Managing " Leaks "with Confidence for the Active Individual

Case Quantity:  3 Packs of 15 = 45 Pieces

  • Disposable Underwear - Unisex  PULL-UPS
  • Free from chlorine, lotions, perfumes - the best choice for your skin
  • An extraordinarily high number of elastic threads - ensure a perfect fit and comfortable fit, that the product stays in place during use
  • Super soft and breathable textile-like exterior - makes the product noiseless and discreet, ensures superior comfort and healthier skin
  • Discreet wetness indicator - the wetness indicator turns blue when wet and makes it easy to check when the product needs to be changed
  • Top dry layer - the skin-side contact layer is designed to absorb rapidly and maintain its dryness
  • Channel system - the core was designed with a channel system for rapid absorption and dispersion of liquid
  • Odor system - the absorbent core has odor eliminators that reduce the risk of unpleasant odors.
  • Leg leakage barriers - the barriers act as a liquid guard at the most vulnerable part of any incontinence product
  • Designed for extended wear making it well suited for overnight wear
  • Made in Denmark


ABENA PANTS L3 Protective Underwear LARGE 45 PCS

SKU: 21327-CS

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