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Companion transport wheelchairs are most commonly used because of their light weight. An excellent choice for safe, sturdy, and comfortable portability.

Features oversized 8" wheels for easy maneuverability and a smooth glide. The swing-away footrests and folding features allow for compact storage and transportation -

* No assembly required

* Supports up to 300 lbs.

* The steel transport chair is durable and made for daily use

* Ideal for anyone looking for a heavy-duty transport chair

* Adjustable swing-away footrests for leg support

* The removable footrests offer a source of support when in                use and can be removed for storage and transport.

* Large 19" seating provides luxurious comfort

* Comfort is critical with any mobility aid

* The lightweight transport chair sports a comfortable 19" seat       with plenty of room. 

* FREE 4' Convoluted Seat cushion included for added comfort

*  It can turn tight, ideal for confined spaces such as hallways.

* Features a seat belt for added safety. The folding transport          chair's seat belt ensures the user is safe when riding. It helps      keep them in place and comfortable when seated

* The Carex Transport Chair folds easily to fit in tight spaces,         such   car trunks. It's an excellent transfer chair for anyone in       need of a light transport chair for travel.

* Colour: Blue

 * Weighs only 25 lbs. 

Transport 19" Wheelchair with Seat Belt, FREE 4" Convoluted Seat Cushion

SKU: FGA33677
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