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Ideal for use in treatment of conditions in the rectal and genital areas

The Sitz Bath converts any commode to a soothing aid for relieving discomfort in sensitive genital and rectal areas, such as with hemorrhoids or episiotomy recovery.

The unit is lightweight, durable and easy to clean, featuring no-kink tubing for trouble-free use.  Easily controlled flow clip means no spills.


Sitz Bath

SKU: RTL 23234
  • Overall Product Length: 4.88"

    Overall Product Width: 14.75"

    Overall Product Height: 16.25"

    Actual Product Weight: 0.6 lbs

    Volume: 64 oz

    Bag capacity: 2 US quarts
    No-kink tubing length: 60" – 152 4 cm
    Basin capacity: 2 US Quarts – 1 9L
    Retail packaged

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