The Drive Semi-Electric Bed ensures that the patient will get the support they need throughout the day.

The angle of the head and foot of the bed can be adjusted to provide customized comfort for the user, all day long. These angle adjustments are powered by a motor that moves the head and foot of the bed automatically. To adjust the overall height of the bed, a manual crank is located at the foot of the bed. It takes just a few moments to move the bed into an entirely new position. This can be particularly useful for patients experiencing long-term care who need to consistently change positions in order to avoid bed sores. In a few seconds, the patient can go from an entirely horizontal position to sitting up when it's time to eat or when they have a visitor.

Circulation can also be improved in the patient by adjusting the angle of the feet. Patients who will be spending a long time in bed will enjoy how easy and safe it is to move into a new position to prevent bedsores or stiff joints and spine.

This Drive Medical Semi Electric Bed has a reliable frame with a motor that is smooth and quiet when in operation. This bed is ideal for anyone looking for a hospital bed for a nursing home or to provide hospice care.

The overall height of the bed is can be adjusted and ranges from 16 to 24.5 inches.

The overall length is 88 inches and the width is 36 inches.

It has an amazing 450-pound weight capacity and comes with a limited lifetime warranty on welds, on the frame, and a warranty on all other parts of the bed.

As a semi-electric bed, it provides superior strength while maintaining a relatively lightweight. It is tightly constructed with a spring deck that is zinc coated to extend its life and resist corrosion.

The hand control, referred to as the pendant, is easy to use and will operate the head and foot sections simultaneously. It comes with a convenient clip that attaches to the frame of the bed so the control is always by the patient's side.

Both patients and caregivers will love how easy it is to operate this semi-electric bed. It will provide long-lasting comfort and support for the patient that will bring peace of mind for both the patients and the caregivers.

Semi-Electric Bed Features & Benefits

  • Handcrank for bed height adjustment
  • Automatic foot and backrest control.
  • A hand crank adjusts the frame's height.
  • The automatic controls are operated with a pendant.
  • The pendant can be clipped to the bed frame near the patient's side.
  • The channel frame construction provides superior strength and reduced weight.
  • Quiet, smooth operation.
  • Zinc coated spring deck resists corrosion.

Key Specifications

  • Product Number: 15004
  • Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.
  • Bed Dimensions: 88L x 36W x 16 to 24.5H Inches

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Semi- Electric & Manual Low Height (Home care) Bed

SKU: 15005L