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The speaker Peak Flow Meter is used to measure your “Peak Expiratory Flow Rate,” which is simply the highest speed you can blow air from your lungs.

  • Accurately measures peak expiratory flow rate (pefr), or how quickly air is leaving lungs
  • Instant readings help track changes in air flow
  • Compact design for Discreet use
  • Assists detection of pending asthma attack
  • Dual flow range accurately measures for both adults & children
  • Single patient use.

Omron PeakAir® Peak Flow Meter

SKU: PF9940
  • Product Dimensions : ‎6 x 2 x 7 inches

    Product Weights: 1 lb

    Color: White

  • Cleaning the Instrument
    It is not necessary to clean your personal meter after each use. Once each week should be enough. Cleaning is simple and is important to maintain the accuracy of Assess.
    - The removable white mouthpiece can be cleaned by rinsing with warm water and thoroughly drying.
    - The whole instrument can also be cleaned by rinsing with warm water and a mild liquid soap. Then, rinse the meter    with clean warm water. Shake out the water and let the instrument air dry before use.
    - Assess can be safely cleaned on the top rack only of your dishwasher. After dishwashing, shake out any remaining    water and allow to air dry thoroughly before use.
    - Never boil the instrument. 

    Checking Your Meter
    You should examine your meter periodically to see if it is functioning properly. Since Assess is made of clear plastic, it is easy to see if it is operating correctly. A damaged meter should not be used.

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