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Transforms ordinary chairs into ergonomically correct seating

  • 3" wider and 1" taller than the Obus Forme Lowback Backrest Support 
  • Specially designed for people with a broad back and build
  • Ideal for males size 44 +, females size 18 +
  • Unlike ordinary "L"-shaped chairs, the "S"-shape of the Obus Forme Backrest Support molds your spine into a more anatomically correct position
  • Helps to enhance overall posture by supporting proper spinal alignment
  • Can prevent fatigue by reducing strain and energy demand on muscles
  • Can provide relief from pain aggravated by poor posture including back pain, neck pain, shoulder tension and headaches
  • Can ease the pain caused by spinal disc problems and sciatica by reducing spinal compression
  • Lightweight and portable for use at home, in the office, or on the go
  • The unique polycarbonate "S"-shaped frame with polyurethane foam gently supports the natural contours of your spine
  • Removable and adjustable lumbar pad offers additional back support that can be customized for your individual needs

ObusForme Wideback Backrest Support Cushion

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