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  • Hose Holder: this hose system supports the CPAP’s tubing and eliminates CPAP related sleep interruptions to ensure the user has no more sleepless nights
  • Adjustable Arm: this adjustable tubing tangle holder has a flexible arm that ensures there is no hose pulling, tangling or mask leaks when a user changes sleeping posture
  • Simple Installation: slip the CPAP tubing holder in between the mattress and box spring to create maximum support for the tubing
  • Convenient Storage: owing to the compact size, this tubing hose holder is easy to store and can be transferred easily. This flexible CPAP tube support is hassle-free to move around or reposition
  • Application: this hose holder ensures tug- & tangle- free air supply to users requiring CPAP therapy, providing them with maximum comfort

Hold My CPAP Hose Adjustable Tubing Hose Holder

SKU: BJ40182