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Get Comforting Warmth and Gentle Vibration Massage with Blue Jay ‘Heat It Up’ Heating Pad

Blue Jay Heating Pad proves to be beneficial in persistent pains which are associated with stiffness, cramping, and neuropathic sensitivity. This therapeutic staple with its comforting warmth and gentle vibration massage provides relief from tension and pain. Made from premium-grade materials, this heat pad softly wraps around the affected area to provide comfort by evenly distributing heat across the area. The heating stops at the setpoint while preventing any overheating.

  • Heat Pad: the therapy provided by heating pad effectively combats pains associated with stiffness, cramping, and neuropathic sensitivity
  • Pain Relief Pad: this heat therapy device quickly offers pain relief. The heating pad provides comfort from aching pain, stiff neck, or muscle
  • Auto-Off Switch: the 4-button temperature regulator helps you to set the appropriate temperature range including high, medium, low or warm
  • Moist/Dry Heating: you can choose moist or dry heat for relief from muscle pain. The inserted sponge is used to provide moist heat
  • Safe & Comfortable: the temperature control setting with good insulation on either side provides overheating protection, making this electrical heating pad safe and secure

‘Heat It Up’ Heating Pad 12" X 24" Moist/ Dry

SKU: BJ185106
    • Heat provided by the pain relief pad stimulates sensory receptors in the skin to decrease transmissions of pain signals, thus partially relieves the discomfort
    • The warm and comforting sensation of heating pad eliminates uncomfortable feeling while easing the pain of muscle stiffness
    • Warmth from the heating pad provides soothing feeling to the pain affected area
    • With increased blood circulation, the pain reliever promotes natural healing process of your body
  •  Product size:- 12” X 24'', w/ 4 Setting Controller

    Color Blue
    Item Dimensions LxWxH 1 x 1 x 1.59 inches
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