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  • Medical Compression Socks: these knee-high stockings apply 15-20mmHg pressure to lower legs increasing blood flow back towards the heart and reduces moderate to severe varicosities related discomfort. Prevent recurrence of venous ulceration
  • Extreme Comfort: the knee high medical stocking provides gentle massaging action to prevent the formation of blood clots that occur due to post-surgical inactivity. These stockings can be worn every day for long-lasting support
  • Ergonomic Design: the medical stocking aids are designed from breathable, latex free fabric. Available in closed toe, the legwear insert pressure on the ankles and legs which compresses the arteries and veins ensuring proper blood circulation in legs
  • Versatile Use: these compression stockings are durable, antibacterial and ensure ultimate comfort. Preferred by athletes to prevent blisters and critical muscles and tendons complication. They are ideal for pregnant women
  • Specifications: the compression socks are available in different sizes including Large size. They offer 15-20mmHg compression for maximum comfort post-surgery

Blue Jay ANTI-EMBOLISM Medical Legwear

Size: XL
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