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Bed Lounger With Cervical Roll - Relax In Bed Chair, Firm polyurethane foam.

Can be used anywhere for seating, reading, and watching TV. The removable neck roll can be adjusted for personal comfort.

ULTIMATE BED REST PILLOW -- Deluxe Comfort's Bed Lounger With Cervical Roll is the ultimate bed backrest; one that boasts superior craftsmanship and infinite comfort. Far more than a wedge, this total support pillow takes the shape of a chair.

» THERAPEUTIC BEDREST AID -- For those facing health concerns that require them to spend extended periods in bed, this is the bed rest pillow for you. Its generous dimensions of 24 by 24 inches and 15.5 inches between arms, help to ensure comfort and stability.

» COMFORTABLE BACK PILLOW FOR BED -- Culled from firm but whisper-soft polyurethane foam, this backrest pillow with arms supplies luxurious, relaxing support for your bedrest needs. With an adjustable and removable neck roll, these pillows define the term 'sitting pillow.'

» VERSATILE BACK PILLOW -- This flexible bed rest can be used at home or away and can take the form of a lounge pillow, bed pillow for reading, a tv pillow, etc. This is the perfect bed pillow for sitting up--anywhere and for any reason! Dimensions: 24" X 24", 15.5" between arms

Bed Lounger With Cervical Roll

SKU: 5022
  • Weight:  30
    MPN:  5022
    Brand:  Deluxe Comfort
    Height:  15.5
    Length:  24
    Shipping Weight:  20
    Width:  24

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