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Managing " Leaks " with Confidence for the Active Individual

Disposable Protective Underwear: Unisex Pull-Ups

  • CARTON: 6 Packs = 90 Pieces

  • Absorbency: 2400 ml

  •   Hip size:  40" - 56"  LARGE  
  • Soft and 100% breathable product, guaranteeing comfort and healthy skin.
  • Textile backsheet designed to look more like ordinary underwear.
  • Top Dry system that guarantees a rapid absorption of the urine, always keeping the skin dry.
  • Super soft Non-woven material ensuring optimum comfort and the feeling of normal underwear.
  • Odour system reduces the risk of unpleasant odours.
  • High number of elastic threads for a firm, flexible fit.
  • Secure, modern fit with high barriers and latex free elastication.
  • Wetness indicator with graduation scale –for better indication of capacity use.
  • Latex-free and non-chlorine bleached.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • FSC certified. Made in Denmark.

ABENA PANTS L3 Protective Underwear LARGE 90 PCS

SKU: 21327 - CRT

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