• Fast-Acting Absorption

A super-absorbent core works quickly to draw moisture away from the body. Once moisture has been absorbed, it remains locked inside the pad, and away from your skin. This helps to prevent leaks and avoid dampness.

  • Effective Odour Control

Preventing leaks means preventing unwanted odors. All unwanted odors are absorbed into the product's core and neutralized.

  • Comfortable and Discreet

Abena Abri-San 4 pads are made from a soft, breathable material that helps air to circulate. This keeps your skin feeling healthy and free of irritation. Pads are invisible under clothing.

  • Wetness Indicator

A wetness indicator is included on the underside of each pad, to let you know when it is ready to be removed.

Absorbency 800ml
Width 20cm / 7.9"
Length 44cm / 17.3"
Waterproof Backing Type Breathable Textile Backing
Suitable for Light Incontinence

ABENA Abri-San 4 168 count (800ml absorbency)