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Abena's Abri-Form  Premium Plus Protective Disposable is the best premium brief-style adult diaper available for people with moderate to severe incontinence. Users say they are absorbent, with less leakage and good comfort. When fastened, the latex-free Abena Abri-Form X-Plus encircles the waist with an elastic waistband and closes on the sides with tape. One lab test showed that the Abena Abri-Form X-Plus absorbed more than a half-gallon of liquid

 Waist Size -( L4) Large  40" to 60"   Pack of 12

                   ( M4Medium 28” to 44”  Pack of 14

   Absorption - Approx. 116 fl.oz. (3600 - 4000 ml).

  • Wetness Indicator - Each diaper is provided with a wetness indicator which clearly shows when it should be changed.
  • Refastenable Tapes - Enable adjustment and ensure a perfect fit.
  • Top Dry® Acquisition Layer - The isolating Top Dry layer triples the distance between the skin and the pad's absorbent core. The pad always feels dry and comfortable.
  • Hydrophobic Leakage Barrier - Standing cuffs of hydrophobic non-woven material offer double protection against leakage.
  • Fast Liquid Dispersion - The lengthwise channel system in the absorbent core ensures rapid dispersion of liquid.
  • Super Absorbent - Our improved, super-absorbent core material not only keeps the liquid effectively in the pad but also prevents the development of unpleasant odors.
  • Double Absorption Core - A super-strong absorption core is placed in the middle of the diaper
  •  Case Quantity:  (M4)  MEDIUM 56       (L4)   LARGE  48     

ABENA Abri-Form Premium Plus Protective Underwear Fitted

SKU: 364215376135191