Anti-Embolism Medical Legwear for All-Day Comfort

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Anti-Embolism Medical Legwear is uniquely designed to ensure proper blood circulation in the legs. The medical-grade stocking offers gentle massaging action that prevents the occurrence of blood clots due to post-surgical inactivity. Comfortable and durable, these compression stockings are ideal for pregnant women, nurses, and athletes. The medical legwear is anti-bacterial and prevents blisters and venous ulcerations.

Ergonomically Designed to Improve Blood Circulation in Legs

  • Designed from latex-free fabric, the compression socks are in closed-toe. They insert pressure on the ankles and legs compressing the arteries and veins for effective blood flow
  • The legwear provides gentle massaging action that helps in preventing blood clots that can occur during post-surgical recovery
  • The socks provide 15-20mmHg compression to reduce discomfort associated with severe varicosities.

Versatile Compression Stockings

  • The knee-high stockings are ideal for people who need to either sit or stand for long durations.
  • They help in preventing the accumulation of lactic acid ensuring easy leg movement
  • The medical legwear is ideal for women who are pregnant or in their maternity period, for patients on post-surgical recovery
  • These are even preferred by athletes to prevent muscle and ankle complication and prevent blister formation

Blue Jay Anti Embolism Thigh High Compression Stockings | Beige 15-20mmhg

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