Easily Fits all Sizes of Both Genders:

  • (1) unisex gown for, both, men and women
  • Overall length 46", Chest 30" & Bottom 66".
  • Easy and simple to wear
  • Fits up to 2XL size and is made of Polyester (47%) and Cotton (53%)
  • Re-washable and reusable - Can be easily machine washed
  • Perfect for any number of situations, including surgery, chemotherapy, and nursing, etc.
  • Machine wash on the gentlest cycle with cold water and sundry or tumble dry on low when needed.
  • The roomy sleeves and back ties assist in preserving the modesty of its wearer and, at the same time, is really easy to wear and change.

Reusable Adult Gown (1 pack)