The AirFit™ P10 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear FOR HIM is lightweight and flexible, and won't block your view. It's designed to create a reliable seal, even when tossing and turning, and is quieter than most masks on the market today.

The AirFit P10 nasal pillows mask comes complete with frame, a selection of nasal pillows, and QuickFit™ elastic headgear. BLUE "For Him" (incl. S, M, L pillows) 

Our quietest mask yet

Bringing you the latest technology in sleep apnea therapy, the AirFit P10 is approximately 50% quieter and 50% lighter than its predecessor.1


QuietAir™ woven-mesh venting gently directs away exhaled air, so it's barely noticeable to you and your partner.


Designed to be as comfortable and unobtrusive as possible, the AirFit P10 is also 50% lighter than our previous nasal pillows mask.

Easy to assemble

Key-clip nasal pillows feature color-coded sizing and left/right-orientation for fast and easy fitting. The mask easily slips on and off.

Features & Benefits

  • Won't Block Your View
  • Creates Fewer Disturbances - Only 21 Decibels!
  • Featherlight Design With Flexible Nasal Pillows
  • Comfortable QuickFit™ Elastic Headgear
  • Comes With Small, Medium, and Large Nasal Pillows

What's In the Box:

  • Mask
  • Headgear
  • 3 Pairs of Nasal Pillows in Sizes Small, Medium, and Large
  • 2 Pairs of Headgear Clips

Compact Design Won't Block Your View

If you like to read or watch TV before going to bed, you'll appreciate the compact design of the AirFit™ P10. Aside from the nasal pillows sealing around the base of the nostril, and a small short tube extending out from the nose, the AirFit™ P10's only other touchpoint is one headgear strap extending around the back of the head. It provides a wide-open field of vision, allowing you to see more and do more before falling asleep.

Creates Fewer Disturbances for You and Your Bed Partner

If you or your bed partner is easily disturbed by the noise of your CPAP equipment, it may be time to upgrade to a better mask or machine. The AirFit™ P10 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask is one of the quietest in the world today. This mask was tested and rated at a decibel level of 21, excluding other factors, such as machine noise. For best results, pair your quiet mask with a quiet machine.

Featherlight Design With Flexible Nasal Pillows

The AirFit™ P10 with medium-sized nasal pillows weighs a mere 1.28 ounces and is one of the lightest CPAP masks available today. The pillows are soft and flexible, allowing for freedom of movement around the bed, while still feeling comfortable enough to promote restful sleep.

Elastic Headgear is Soft and Comfortable

Many customers who've tried this mask in the past have noted the soft, comfortable fit as being one of the things they liked the most. The headgear is adjustable by widening the split back straps or using the included headgear adjustment clips, but it does not have traditional velcro. By not using velcro, it won't get stuck in long hair. The headgear for the AirFit™ P10 feels comfortable to the touch, and it's the only touchpoint on the face aside from the nasal pillows.

Comes With Small, Medium, and Large Nasal Pillows Included

The AirFit™ P10 includes three different sizing options for nasal pillows including small, medium, and large for you to try at home and see what works best. This provides greater versatility for this mask and can accommodate most face and nose sizes.

ResMed AirFit™ P10 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear for HIM

  • Where do I find the size? The plastic rim of the nasal pillow is color-coded by size. The size is also indicated by the letter on the bottom side of the pillows. All size nasal pillows fit both the AirFit™ and AirFit™ For Her. The AirFit™ P10 mask frame does not have a size because it is universal.

    • Pink = Extra Small (EX)
    • Clear = Small (S)
    • Medium = Gray (M)
    • Large = Blue (L) - Not included with AirFit™For Her

    Tips for Putting the AirFit™ on in Darkened Room: It can be difficult to put any mask on in a dark room. Having some orientation tricks that work by feel rather than sight will help.

    The plastic pillow frame of the AirFit™ has raised lettering that says RESMED. The word RESMED faces up, toward the nose, when in the correct orientation. Some people find it easiest to feel the raised lettering with a fingernail, others with the ball of a finger or thumb. Either way, feel for the raised lettering and face it upward to position the nasal pillows correctly.

    The plastic headgear stabilizers which hold the fabric headgear curve upward towards the ears. The curve goes up like a smile, not down like a frown. In a darkened room, feel for the upward curve of the headgear to help orient the mask.

    AirFit™ and AirFit™ For Her QuickFit™ Headgear Size: The only difference between the headgear used by theAirFit™ and AirFit™ For Her QuickFit™ is the color. The AirFit™ For Her headgear is pink and gray while the AirFit™ headgear is blue and gray. The two headgear are the same length, size, and shape.

    AirFit™ QuickFit™ Headgear Adjustments: The length of the headgear is one size only. In order to adjust the tension on the nasal pillows against the nasal openings, move the split headgear straps. Loosen the fit by moving the two straps farther apart, or tighten the fit by moving the two straps closer together.

    For further adjustments, try the following:

    • Move one or both straps closer to the front of the head or further back on the head.
    • Use the included headgear clips to gather and tighten the headgear strap.

    QuickFit™ Headgear Reforming: Per the manufacturer, washing the elasticized headgear helps to return it to its original shape and form. Follow the manufacturer instructions for washing the headgear, as noted below on this tab.

    Care & Cleaning: Per the manufacturer, the AirFit ™ mask should be hand washed daily using a mild soap or detergent. Rinse thoroughly in clear, running water after cleaning. Use a soft bristle brush to ensure the woven-mesh vent is free of dust and oil. The headgear should be washed weekly using mild soap, rinsed well, and allowed to air dry. Do not wash the mask or headgear in a washing machine or dishwasher. Always air dry, do not place in clothes dryer.

    In House Testing Tips: A Swift FX user tested the AirFit P10 and found it to be extremely lightweight and quiet. He was surprised and impressed by the diffused exhalation. Once he found the optimal positioning of the headgear the nasal pillows maintained a comfortable and reliable seal. The headgear for the AirFit For Her is the same length and width as the standard AirFit. Headgear Position Note: Initially and with both parts of the strap together, the tester found the tension against his nares too tight. However, splitting the two halves of the strap apart and positioning one forward on the crown and the other down below the bump on the back of the head made for a very comfortable fit. He found small adjustments of the strap position altered the tension effectively. The same fitting tip applies to both the AirFit and AirFit For Her.

    AirFit™ & Oxygen Usage: The AirFit™ does not have an oxygen port. If supplemental oxygen is needed for therapy, consider using the Oxygen Enrichment Adapter.

    AirFit™ & SmartStart or Auto On Features: Features which automatically start the flow of therapy air flow may not work effectively with the AirFit ™Nasal Pillow Mask.

    AirFit™ Compatibility: The AirFit P10 is compatible with single pressure CPAP machines, auto adjusting APAP machines and two level BiPAP machines. Per ResMed the manufacturer, the AirFit™ Nasal Pillow Mask is not compatible with these two specific machines: "AutoSet CS 2" & "VPAP Adapt SV".

    SnuggleCover for Short Tubes: The SnuggleHose Cover for Short Mask Tubes will fit the short tube of the AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear.

    Latex Free: As are all products by ResMed, the AirFit™ is latex free. This product does not contain PVC, DEHP or phthalates