Drive Pacifica Elite Compressor Nebulizer provides a source of compressed air for home health care use.


It converts certain inhalable drugs into an aerosol form for inhalation by a patient.


Pacifica nebulizer is a workhorse with higher liter flows, shorter treatment times and quieter operation than similar economy compressor nebulizers.

Drive Pacifica Elite Nebulizer includes the following:

  • Medication cup
  • T-adapter
  • 7 feet tubing
  • Mouthpiece
  • Reservoir tube

Pacifica Elite Nebulizer Highlights

  • Delivers consistent particle size of <5 microns and fast treatment times 
  • Lightweight design of 4.1 lbs makes it extremely portable
  • Powerful piston pump is quiet, efficient, and dependable
  • Easy to clean nebulizer kit is included
  • Ideal for adult or pediatric patients


    Pacifica Elite Nebulizer Kit with T- mouthpiece