The Trapeze Bar with Brown-Vein Finish, by Drive Medical, is a device to allow those who have difficulty positioning themselves in bed to lift their torso.

The trapeze suspends a ring for the user to grasp and pull, anchored by the accompanying angled tubing that is supported by the bed frame. This is a durable two-piece set that is affordable and reliable for anyone that may have mobility issues and need assistance positioning themselves or when entering or exiting the bed.


The Drive Trapeze Bar includes all the components to put it together. It includes the trapeze bar, triangle chains, and clamps.

It supports a user's weight up to 250 pounds.

The device weighs 24 pounds.

Trapeze Bar with Brown-Vein Finish Features and Benefits

  • The trapeze helps the user lift their torso where they would not otherwise be able to do so.
  • The trapeze can be fastened to the headboard.
  • The heavy gauge steel is durable and can support heavy weight.
  • The bar is decorated with a brown-vein finish.
  • It is fully adjustable in height, length and horizontal position.

Overhead Trapeze Bar





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