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  • The ObusForme UltraForme Backrest Medium is one of the best clinically proven backrest to relieve pack pain.
  • It features a unique combination of concave and convex design that offers complete spinal support.
  • It provides total back postural alignments, aids relief and prevents back problems.
  • This backrest has been extensively tested at Stanford University, UCLA and the Mets Clinic.
  • It efficiently reduces sedentary muscle contraction and in result alleviates back strain.
  • The backrest shifts the spine into a positive neutral curve and takes pressure off the lumbar discs.
  • It moves the shoulder blades upwards and medially.
  • It reduces slouching and improves the respiratory capacity of the user.
  • The backrest is lightweight and portable; therefore, you can easily carry it with you when you are on the go.
  • This product can turn any chair into an ergonomic seating system.

ObusForme Small Ultra Backrest Support Cushion

  • Color: BLACK

    Product Dimensions: 1(L) 12.8”x (W) 4” x (H) 23.5” inches or

    (L) 32.51cm x (W) 10.16cm x (H) 59.69cm

    Product Weight: (pack) 4 lbs

     1 piece

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