Conveen Optima is a self-adhering silicone catheter. This external catheter features a simple, trouble-free adhesive that provides an easy-on application and a double-grip strip. The double grip strip along with the sure-grip ribs help to ensure a secure and dependable fit


This product features a triple-action anti-leak system and an anti-kink bulb. These features help to prevent urine backflow and leakage. Conveen Optima Catheter is a soft, comfortable and breathable external catheter that can be an excellent alternative to more invasive intermittent catheters. This product is transparent to allow easy monitoring of the skin and features balanced adhesives which provide secure reliability and skin friendly.


Conveen Optima Catheter Features and Benefits

  • Packaged discreetly with a hardcover, making it difficult for other people to identify it as condom catheters.
  • The triple anti-leak system to help prevent unwanted urine leakage
  • Anti-kink bulb that helps prevent urine backflow
  • Double grip strip and sure grip ribs ensure a secure fit
  • Made with silicone
  • Latex Free
  • Available size  35 mm
  • Single packaged

Conveen Optima External Catheter

SKU: Conveen 22035
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