Hot Water Bottle - Home Remedy for Sore Muscles, Stiff Neck, Aches and Pains

Blue Jay focusses on a continuum of care through innovative technologies. From heating pads and mattress covers to oximeters, massagers, canes, we make it easy to find the exact home medical supplies that will best suit your needs.

Hot/Cold Water Bottle by Blue Jay is a pain relief bag that helps in easing sore muscles, cramps and stress, aches and pains and more. Made using natural rubber, the water bag remains warm for a long duration. It can be doubled as an ice pack for children with fever or to reduce swelling which is a result of a minor injury.

3 Features in 1 Water Bag:

  • The water bag is commonly used to heat treat sore muscles, cramps, stiff neck, lower back pain, menstrual cramps, and other common aches
  • It can also be used as an ice pack to reduce swelling, relieve sprains and strains
  • The water bag is compact and convenient to store, which makes it travel-friendly.
  • Perfect Home Ready for Sore Muscles
  • The hot water bag is made using rubber. It can retain heat for long hours
  • The ribbed surface helps in maintaining the liquid’s temperature
  • It is easy to fill. The water bag has anti-slurp lips that prevent the water from spitting back


Hot/Cold Rubber Water Bottle with Douche Enema System

SKU: BJ140100

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