Do you have moderate urine loss? And are you looking for a comfortable and breathable insert? 

Pack of 20 individually packaged inserts. 


  • Unique TopDry system, providing a dry surface and rapid absorption
  • Equipped with adhesive strips. So you can take them anywhere easily and discreetly.
  • The absorbent capacity of Abri-Light Mini is 200 ml.
  • Abena Abri-Light Mini inserts for women offer a unique dry feeling and certainty. The anatomically shaped inserts are equipped with an Odor system to prevent odors.
  • Why choose Abena Abri-Light is it a good idea? 
  • Abena is known as a producer that produces in an environmentally friendly way. In addition, extra attention is given to the skin-friendliness of products. 

Abri-Light Mini Panty Liners (20 pack/200ml absorbency)

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