Fecal incontinence is a vastly under-reported but fairly common problem. It is often associated with considerable costs due to the high frequency of changing and the resources needed for cleaning up after episodes of fecal loss. For the end-user, embarrassing situations caused by leakage have a negative impact on their lives and often lead to social isolation.

Fecal incontinence requires something SPECIAL.

Special Features: (1) Specially Designed Leakage Barriers: The new barrier system with "built-in" pockets keeps feces inside even when released under pressure.

(2) Gentle Air Plus Backing: The breathable Air Plus backing reduces the risk of skin soreness caused by repeated contact with feces.

(3) Designed to allow frequent pad changes: Abri-San Special is based on the cost-effective two-piece system, minimizing product costs, even when changed frequently. We recommend using products from our Abri-Fix range when fitting Abri-San Special.

(4) Improved Care, Lower Costs: Abri-San Special can improve care and skin condition, while at the same time lowering the costs of cleaning and washing. 

  • The Abena Abri-San Special Special Liner measures 28.7"x14.6"
  • Absorbs up to 68 fl oz
  • Suitable for both fecal and urine incontinence
  • Designed to be worn in combination with Mesh or Knit washable pants that can hold it more securely in place, if necessary
  • Odor system, minimizing any unpleasant smell
  • Efficient barriers with built-in pockets

Abena Abri-San Special Pad for Fecal and Urinary Incontinence (112 Count)